Claire Broadley
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Claire is an avid tech blogger, based just outside of Leeds, in Otley Yorkshire. she has written guest posts for some of the worlds biggest brands, including eBay, Dell, and Yahoo!. Using her past experience as lead editor of, she has gained a vast amount of knowledge in various tech subjects, including, Online Privacy, CryptoCurrencies, Wearables, and website hosting. When not blogging, she enjoys keeping her pugs company! - Fun Fact, President Obama follows her on Twitter!

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Industry Latest

Google Doorbell With Facial Recognition Raises Privacy Concerns
Nest, the smart home company owned by Google, has launched a new doorbell with facial recognition that will scan your visitors and store their facial data in the cloud
12 October 2018

Security & Privacy

The Privacy Paradox; Do We Really Care About Privacy Online?
Every week, IT security blogs give out the same information to businesses and consumers: stay off public WiFi, use a VPN, and use a password manager
11 October 2018

Tips & Advice

How to Prevent Malware Infection in Kodi
Three popular add-on repositories for the Kodi media player have been allegedly spreading cryptojacking malware which has been circulating since December 2017
10 October 2018